Vampire:The Requiem: Episode 2 : Session 1

In which things explode but not because of us.burning_motorcycle

Long time no posts, entirely my fault here but here we are with the exciting first session of the second chapter of our Vampire: The Requiem game.

What goes together with vampires? Motorcycle races! Actually that is a tradition started purely by the previous prince that the Invictus is continuing.


Vampire:The Requiem: Episode 2: Session 1


Vampire Downtime: Roger Nichols

Torpor is a strange thing

Apologies on their not being a downtime episode for Valenkline, The recording simply did not start

empty stree

In his last session Roger was horrifically injured by a frenzied Gangrel. This knocked him right into torpor, Our Storyteller decides to take this as a chance to give him a rather bizarre dream based session.

Roger’s Downtime

Vampire:The Requiem: A Tale of Two Cities: Downtime : Keith

In Which I use way too many colons.

After our defeat of Phillipe it is time for some one on one sessions of our characters in the down time between story arcs.

This is Keith Soward’s Session. Where he finally gets around to doing that thing he said he was going to do.

Keith’s Downtime

Vampire The Requiem: A Tale of Two Cities: Session 6: Early Draft

No audio due to skype issues.Sam_Dooley_Wilson

This will be a text write up due to all the technical issues

Roger feeds his potential ghoul for the first time, and apparently leaves the poor bastard chained up like on a leash for safety issues

He also questions him about the people he worked for but he had little to know about it.

Crimson apparently comes in on a muddy truck obviously driven off road.


The group then heads into the Carthian club and is just waved through, guess we made an impression.

While on the elevator Keith asks roger to send a picture of the pentagram tattoo that ghoul had some time.


New bartender today is Missy. Reich is missing today which is good for us.

Missy reveals she knows what is going on and is happy we did our job well and sent us on to Hammer

Hammer thanks us for a job well done but gets rather agitated when we mentioned the inverted pentagram tattoos.

Hammer then informs the coterie of the belial’s brood.

We asked about Mr. Ripper but no luck.

We learn about the vampire Tommy who is rather knowledgeable about the city.

We then go to collect our payment from Missy

Keith learns little information from the cellphone he stole earlier besided the preachings of a man labled “P”

Missy briefly displays worry about the phone Keith stole but it is assuaged by the fact the battery is removed.

We then separate, Roger and Valenkine to find the Mekhet named Thomas. Keith goes to find Tommy and his speak easy. The Rat Hole

Keith on his way finds that his pocket contains a piece of paper that says “Dragon Knows”

Keith arrives at the bar and shares some words with the barman who reveals that he is in the know about the condition we share and agrees to set up a meeting.

The other two go to the forest and Roger receives his call back from Jean Claude, The leader of crone has agreed to meet Roger to discuss the drug crimson and the magical effects.

They also learn that the woods they are in on the way to Thomas’s mansion is in fact within werewolf territory.

Game goes back to Keith. Keith discusses various things with Keith and informs him on how the Dragon love a good mystery if you present it to him. He also asks if the brood is back in town. Keith decides to inform him that yes they are back. Keith thanks him and leaves after tipping the barman.

Cue the other two outside in the pissing rain. Still looking for the mansion. They realize they are going past the same tree many times, despite going straight.

Roger decides to climb the tree.  He gets strangely dizzy as he climbs it for some odd reason.

He briefly sees a hellscape of tortured souls then suddenly it’s a forest again.

He decides to NOT inform Valenkline about the forest switching between two planes.

After Roger gets off the tree and tells him he is leaving, Valenkline ALSO climbs the tree.

He instead sees a horribly destroyed cities filled with druggies and people murdering them. And crab like monsters that no one seems to notice. They turn and head towards Valenkline. He too also gets off the tree.

They expirement. Roger stands still as Valenkline walks pass the tree. Valenkline finds himself unable to walk forward. Roger sees Valenkline go forward then teleport beside him.

Angrily they kick the tree to no effect, Then they hear “Please do kick my door frame”

Its Thomas! He bleeds on the tree… and beyond the tree becomes a mansion.

They follow Thomas in and enter his study.

Thomas becomes insanely interested in Mr. Ripper

They tell him what they know in exchange for the information about the Brood.  He mentions a Phillip who was in the group who was a very charismatic general.  He was not killed when the brood were lost wiped out.  He gives them Phillips old address.

They also learn about diabralie.

We meet back up and discuss our next move. We searched the ashes of our previous job.

Valenkline finds a locked box that contained what appears to be alchemical formulas… We decide that we will show the dragon next session!

Vampire The Requiem: A Tale of Two Cities: Session 5

In Which We Learn to Turn Off Our Damn Phones

Damn it KeithFifth Episode of our nWoD game. We all decide to discuss things with Hammer, who ended up being rather agreeable. Then he asked us if we wanted to do a little job for him… Once again involving that damn drug Crimson.

Vampire Session 5 Dropbox

Vampire Session 5 Mediafire