Vampire:The Requiem: Episode 2 : Session 2

In this Session Valenkline gets his car, and we all get linked to various dangerous plot threads


Episode 2: Session 2


Vampire:The Requiem: Episode 2 : Session 1

In which things explode but not because of us.burning_motorcycle

Long time no posts, entirely my fault here but here we are with the exciting first session of the second chapter of our Vampire: The Requiem game.

What goes together with vampires? Motorcycle races! Actually that is a tradition started purely by the previous prince that the Invictus is continuing.


Vampire:The Requiem: Episode 2: Session 1

Vampire Downtime: Roger Nichols

Torpor is a strange thing

Apologies on their not being a downtime episode for Valenkline, The recording simply did not start

empty stree

In his last session Roger was horrifically injured by a frenzied Gangrel. This knocked him right into torpor, Our Storyteller decides to take this as a chance to give him a rather bizarre dream based session.

Roger’s Downtime

Vampire:The Requiem: A Tale of Two Cities: Downtime : Keith

In Which I use way too many colons.

After our defeat of Phillipe it is time for some one on one sessions of our characters in the down time between story arcs.

This is Keith Soward’s Session. Where he finally gets around to doing that thing he said he was going to do.

Keith’s Downtime