Vampire:The Requiem: Episode 2 : Session 1

In which things explode but not because of us.burning_motorcycle

Long time no posts, entirely my fault here but here we are with the exciting first session of the second chapter of our Vampire: The Requiem game.

What goes together with vampires? Motorcycle races! Actually that is a tradition started purely by the previous prince that the Invictus is continuing.


Vampire:The Requiem: Episode 2: Session 1


The God-Machine Files: Character Creation

The God Machine Chronicles

This time I am going to run a chronicle. This is just a character creation session as the full game will not start for awhile. I just wanted to be better aware of what my players may be capable of.

I apologize for when I respond to answers that are sometimes given in text. I intend to upload their character sheets once they are all finalized


Also Good news for those that care, I finally found a better way to upload the podcast so you can now stream it!

God-Machine Files: Character Creation